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Process development

The crispiest snack
Continual research enables us to always deliver the ingredients that best suit our customerís wishes. If a customer has specific requirements for a product, is looking for a crispier snack for example or wants a puree to have more cohesion, then we look for possibilities to adapt our granules and flakes to suit the application.

Only the best growers
Modern consumers require high standards for their food. They want to know about food safety, basic ingredients and where the food came from. Rixona only works with the best suppliers in order to guarantee the constant high quality of our products regardless of the season or the quality of potato crops. Our suppliers only work with experienced growers and are aware of the latest developments in the potato market. They test new potato brands in special test fields, for example, in order to establish whether they are suitable for processing, whether they are of a constant high quality or have good storage qualities. Only when these and a number of other specifications are met, are they grown on a larger scale and used for processing by Rixona.

We have more than fifty years of experience in potato processing and we know all there is to know about adapting processes so our granules and flakes meet the desired specifications.

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